These Must-Haves Need New Parents For Their Baby

The cradle with smartphone control, the baby cot that imitates a moving car, a sleeping pad that monitors baby’s sleep via app: baby products are booming and manufacturers are launching new accessories every year. It is difficult for parents to decide which articles are useful and which ones, above all, take the money out of their pockets. Read here what your baby really needs to start life.

 The pram: What you need to bear in mind when buying

Finding the right stroller takes time – research pays off. 

There is no way around the purchase of a pram. In spite of a baby carrier or changing cloth – a pram is the most practical way to transport your baby: when shopping, for longer journeys, for undisturbed naps, as a companion when jogging or travelling. You will use your pram frequently.

The market offers numerous pram variants. Three-wheeled joggers, chic nostalgic models, agile city buggies or combi-pushchairs with numerous conversion functions. But which one is the right one? One thing in advance: there is no such thing as the perfect pram. But the perfect pram is one that meets many of the needs of parents and baby at the same time. And with a little patience and the willingness to make compromises, it will definitely be found. For example, you want plenty of space for your child, but you also want to use the pram frequently in the car and on holiday? Prams with a large bath usually rule out a small pack size. So here you have to weigh up what is more important for you.

6 questions you should answer before buying a pram

The stroller is an expensive purchase and makes up a large part of the budget of the initial equipment . Therefore, before you buy, think carefully about what requirements your pram must meet. The following six questions will help you decide.

  • Car or public transport: How do you get around?
  • Asphalt or forest road: Where do you mainly travel?
  • Where do you park the pram?
  • Do you want to travel with the pram?
  • How long will the pram be used?
  • Second-hand: Is a used pram as good as new?
  • Design or practicability: What is important to you?

For quiet nights: The right baby bed

Baby cots can be set up and converted independently.

Restless nights, hardly any sleep: many young parents suffer from this. Babies sleep a lot. But in contrast to adults, they mainly take a nap during the day and wake up several times a night.

When breastfeeding at night, a so-called extra bed is very practical. It is open towards the parents’ bed and closes seamlessly to the parents’ mattress. The baby is simply pulled over for breastfeeding. Mama and child can go back to sleep much faster because the position is not changed. Papa also benefits from this. Everyone lies in their own bed and is not disturbed. In addition, the physical closeness to the parents gives the child a feeling of security and safety. The breathing sounds of the parents perceived by the baby have a particularly calming effect on the offspring and promote sleep.

Instead of a special extra bed, however, you can also buy a classic cot and leave one side open. This can be completed and used again later, when the child is sleeping better and moves into its own children’s room. However, a normal cot usually cannot be adjusted in height and therefore cannot be optimally adapted to the parents’ bed. The lying surface of the parent’s bed should be exactly the same height as the additional bed so that the child does not fall down due to rapid movements. Also make sure that the additional bed can be quickly, easily and securely fixed without a partner. Flexible height adjustment is essential to ensure this. Connectors that connect the additional bed to the parents’ bed are available from specialist dealers. When using a “home-made” extra bed, make sure that there is not a large gap between the bed and the parents’ bed.

Many parents use the baby bed like a playpen: as a flexible and safe storage place that can be positioned anywhere in the home by means of castors. The baby can then sleep or be fed undisturbed anywhere. Our tip: castors can be easily attached to almost any cot. However, make sure that the castors can be locked in place so that the cot is stable and secure!

The baby cot is a true all-rounder and a real must-have for parents. When buying it, make sure that you choose materials that are free of harmful substances and as natural as possible. This also applies to the purchase of a baby cradle or a baby basket.

Baby on board: the right child seat for car and bike

The right car seat ensures a high level of safety.

Baby swimming, doctor’s appointments, visiting grandparents: a baby keeps you on your toes not only at home. Those who live in rural areas are therefore often on the road by car. The child car seat is therefore an absolute must-have for parents with a car. Here too, the choice is huge. Criteria for the selection are among others: weight class, certification mark, mounting method and some important extras.

Irrespective of the standard group of the child seat, the ECE test seal of approval should always be observed when purchasing! This provides information about the appropriate vehicle group, the baby’s weight class and the country of approval. For example, so-called i-size seats are only suitable for vehicles with the Isofix system. In the vehicle type list, which is usually approved by the baby seat manufacturer, you can find out whether the i-size seat is suitable for your vehicle model.

And what else is there to consider? The child seat is indispensable for every car journey and can be upgraded with suitable accessories. For example, a footmuff will keep you warm on longer journeys in cold weather. In summer, a suitable sunscreen provides protection. And because babies and children like to sleep on longer car journeys, a neck cushion as a headrest is the perfect addition.

But also when cycling, the offspring can be with you early on. Your baby can ride along in a special seat for bicycle trailers. It is important to ensure an ergonomic lying position, as this is ideal even for the sensitive spine of the youngest. The baby seat should be tied to the trailer frame at several points – this is not only super stable, but also absorbs shocks. This way your baby lies in the child trailer almost floating freely, like in a stable baby hammock. The same applies here: remember to take a break from time to time. Because just as with car journeys in baby car seats, the same applies to the bicycle trailer with baby seat: Don’t drive too long at a stretch. Your baby’s back and stomach muscles are not yet strong enough for long journeys and need regular relief.

Simply wound on the matching changing table

The changing table is gentle on the back and offers comfort.

Nappy changing strengthens the trust between parents and child. A firm place creates closeness. The familiar place develops a routine that gives the child a sense of security. The changing table is therefore the next must-have for new parents. And the right changing table can make everyday life with the baby much easier.

First of all, you should make sure that the changing area of the table is large enough. If the little darling lies quietly on his back at the beginning, he will soon try the first turn on his stomach. Some babies can already turn from their tummy to their back when they are three months old. Enough space on the changing table means comfort and safety. A fall guard is nevertheless important: the higher the lateral supports on the headboard, the better. But be careful: never leave your baby unattended on the changing unit despite the safety devices. Removable safety devices are particularly practical. The changing unit can be converted into a normal chest of drawers for the nursery.

Plenty of space is also recommended in terms of storage space for all baby changing utensils. Here applies: A lot of space helps a lot! Nothing is more impractical than suddenly noticing when changing diapers that new diapers have to be fetched from the next room. Drawers under the lying surface or open compartments can help here. Care cream, soothers and wet wipes should always be ready to hand on the changing table. This way you always have one hand on the child and can reach everything with one hand.

Take care of your back! Make sure that the changing table is high enough. A low changing table height is approx. 85 to 88 centimetres, a high one for taller people between 90 and 95 centimetres.

As already mentioned at the beginning, there is a wide range of equipment for the baby. In addition to the basics presented, everyone naturally has their own individual needs and wishes when it comes to equipment for the newborn. If it is not the first child, some of the items are even already available and can be reused. The most suitable items are exactly those things which prove to be most useful or seem to be most sensible for you personally.

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