Unplanned Costs Due To Dentures And The Like: An Instalment Loan Helps

The reason for taking out supplementary dental insurance is simple: in the event of expensive dental treatment, you want to save your wallet: Many insurers cover the difference to the insurance up to 100 percent or pay for additional orthodontic services. However, these insurances have one flaw: They usually only cover healthy teeth. If teeth are missing, dental treatment is recommended or has already been started, the insurer often refuses to admit the patient.

Supplementary dental insurance – good but expensive

But even if nothing stands in the way of admission as such, you must be able to afford additional insurance. A top tariff with complete coverage quickly costs 1,200 GBP per year. That is why many people do without the expensive supplementary dental insurance. However, when a dental prosthesis is needed, the patient often faces high bills.

When the smile becomes expensive:

Since 2005, health insurance companies have only paid fixed subsidies for dental prostheses. And these have absolutely nothing to do with the real costs at the dentist: For an implant with a ceramic crown, for example, the dentist adds at least 3,000 GBP to the patient’s bill. The statutory health insurance company adds just 416 GBP. That is a difference of 2,600 GBP – for many people in UK that is more than a monthly income.

With an installment loan for your new smile

Usually the costs for a dental prosthesis hit you unprepared. A typical case: a cyst has formed in the upper jaw. A tooth has to be extracted so that it can be removed. A bridge or implant then has to replace the missing tooth. And this makes it immediately expensive.

If you are in that situation, an installment credit from Credit company can help you quickly:

Instead of paying high premiums to the insurance company over many years, you take out a one-off loan. The trick: You determine the term and rate of your loan yourself. Simply test our credit calculator, which will calculate your monthly installment for you.

With Credit company you can also flexibly determine your special repayments in order to repay the installment loan quickly.

It is important to us to support you in every financial situation in a fair and cooperative manner. That’s why we offer an optional cover letter, which gives you additional security.